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Our Plan

We know that children can be key influencers in driving long-term sustainable change in the communities in which they live. Too often, though, we have seen that children from families with people suffering from leprosy or contending with disability are shunned by their community. Many times, this discrimination means children are unable to obtain an education in local government schools.

In an effort to promote assimilation and create a more inclusive atmosphere, we have developed initiatives aimed at sensitising communities to the issues faced by those suffering from leprosy and disability.

We do this by creating formal educational opportunities, tying up with local government schools, and supporting charities and special schools.

Mission Education

AIFO India recognizes that children make the real difference in creating long-term sustainable change in their community. Often, children coming from families of people suffering from leprosy, or families with disability, are ostracised from their community. This discrimination sometimes means that they are unable to obtain an education from local government schools. AIFO works to ensure that communities are sensitized to the issue of leprosy, disability and vulnerability. We do this by creating formal education opportunities, tying up with local government schools, and supporting charity schools and special schools.

Rebuild School

Donate to rebuild central School in India.

Food And Clean Water

Donate to provide food and water supplies for children in India.

School Supplies

Donate to help us buy books and etc for kids who can’t afford it

For Children, By Children

A moment of introspection. Pride. And joy at the efforts of children!

When children from a convent in Meghalaya rallied in support of education for children from leprosy backgrounds, I saw yet another example of children making a real difference in the lives of others. An awareness drive at schools led us to Holy Child School, Shillong. My idea was to talk to the children about leprosy, how they could recognise it and how they could get access to leprosy care.

I had heard that the school had just completed a round of fundraising for their annual program. Yet, when we spoke about other children missing school either because of leprosy or the shame and stigma associated with it-I think the children were deeply moved. We saw children come in with whatever they had in their pockets, be it 20, 50, 100 rupees. Would you like to guess the amount the children raised to ensure the education of children from leprosy communities? Over 80,000 INR in contributions-this strengthens our belief in rebuilding communities affected by leprosy!

Dr Jose Manikkathan, AIFO India (Secretary)

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₹6,000 a month can help a Child from leprosy affected tribal areas of North East go to school. Contribute today!