HCL Foundation

MCKS Trust Fund

Enhancing Social Inclusion for Persons with Disabilities through a Holistic Life Cycle Approach:

This initiative targets the needs of individuals with disabilities across various life stages in Anekal Taluk, Bengaluru. It encompasses 70 urban areas and 2 town municipalities with a total population of 126,704. The project has identified and assisted 1000 Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), benefiting 1676 direct and 5800 indirect beneficiaries. In partnership with HCL Foundation, it facilitates access to essential services and support, including improved accessibility to government schemes, distribution of Ayushman Bharath health cards to 700 PWDs, provision of home-based physiotherapy for 200 individuals, and supply of assistive aids valued at approximately 1,000,000 rupees to 50 PWDs. Moreover, the initiative establishes day care services for 20 children, enabling mothers to pursue employment opportunities, potentially generating a collective annual income of 1,440,000 rupees.

Through strategic partnerships and targeted interventions, the project empowers PWDs by enhancing their access to employment, health services, and social security benefits. By mobilizing resources and offering training, it aims to improve the financial and social circumstances of 200 PWDs through increased access to government schemes, issuance of health cards, and provision of customized physiotherapy services. Furthermore, the project supports the growth and development of malnourished children with disabilities through supplementary nutrition, while ensuring their medical expenses are covered by Niramaya Insurance. The establishment of self-help groups and federations further enables PWDs to advocate for their rights and seek representation from local self-government bodies, fostering greater social integration and inclusivity.